This is a 4x4x4 LED cube driven by a NXP MagniV MCU, running on S12CForth

Latest Updates:

14 Jun 2016 - Silkscreen Misprint

I found my first bug on the new MagniCube PCBs. The polarity of the DC input is printed incorrectly on the boards.

Silkscreen Misprint

The silkscreen print should have looked like this.

Corrected Silkscreen Print

Kicad sources and Gerber files have been fixed in the latest release.

10 Jun 2016 - Base Design

The MagniCube is supposed to have a base which can hold a 9V block battery. My first attempt designing a FDM printable socket didn’t turn out too well.

Initial Design

The outside walls turned out to be too thin and floppy.

My second attempt turned out better.

Revised Design

I also experimented with an imprint.

Logo on Revised Design

I still need to work on the quality of my 3D prints, though.

01 Jun 2016 - PCBs have arrived

My PCBs have arrived!

MagniCube RevA PCBs

18 May 2016 - First PCBs ordered

MagniCube RevA PCBs have been ordered. This time I’m trying the Elecrow PCB service.

05 May 2016 - MagnivCube Project Started

Work has started on my new 4x4x4 LED cube project.