The Mini-BDM-Pod is a USB-to-BDM interface. It has been designed to run Gordon Doughman's D-Bug12X(Z) firmware.

Latest Updates:

03 Jan 2015 - Second Order of RevB Boards Has Arrived

A new order of Mini-BDM-Pods has arrived. I had reordered the RevB design without changes, as there have been no bugs found so far.

08 Jul 2013 - Bootloader

<h3>This is where you&#8217;ll find the bootloader for the D-Bug12XZ firmware:</h3>

The D-Bug12XZ Firmware needs a bootloader(BDMPgmr bootloader) to run. This piece of firmware is included in Frescale’s LFBDMPGMRFW software package. This software is provided as a windows installer, which must be run. Afterwards the bootloader is located in a directory named “Firmware” within the installation directory (i.e C:\Program Files\Freescale\BDMProgrammer\Firmware\S12XEBoot.S19).

The Bootloader is the only firmware code, which must be programmed into the Mini-BDM-Pod via the “BDM IN” interface. The initial loading and updationg of the D-Bug12XZ Firmware itself can be done with the help of the bootloader via the USB interface.

To invoke the bootloader menu, the “bootloader”-jumper must be closed when the Mini-BDM-Pod is powered up.

08 Jan 2013 - D-Bug12XZv6 released

<p>Version 6 of the <a href="" title="D-Bug12XZv6">D-Bug12 Firmware</a> is now available for download at the <a href=";SelectedAsset=Design+Tools">Frescale web site</a> .<br /> <a href="">D-Bug12XZv6</a> is the new recommended firmware for the Mini-<span class="caps">BDM</span>-Pod.<br /> In addition to the features of the previous version (<a href="">D-Bug12Xv5</a> ), Verson 6 supports <a href="">NXP&#8217;s new MagniV devices</a> (incl. the new S12Z <span class="caps">CPU</span>).</p>

02 Aug 2012 - How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mini-BDM-Pod?

One of the goals of the Mini-BDM-Pod was to make it inexpensive to build. This is the sum of my material costs:

Item Unit Cost per No. of Units Supplier
1 5 10
10 PCBs (EUR 7.70) 7.70 EUR 1.54 EUR 0.77 EUR Seeed Studio
10 Enclosures (EUR 9.72) 9.72 EUR 1.94 EUR 0.97 EUR Seeed Studio
Shipping (EUR 5.83) 5.83 EUR 1.17 EUR 0.58 EUR Seeed Studio
MC9S12XEQ512 (samples) 0.93 EUR 0.93 EUR 0.93 EUR Freescale
MAX3373 (samples) free free free Maxim
FT232RL 3.15 EUR 3.15 EUR 3.15 EUR Reichelt
Discrete components 2.67 EUR 2.67 EUR 2.67 EUR Reichelt
Shipping (EUR 5.60) 5.60 EUR 1.12 EUR 0.56 EUR Reichelt
Screws (EUR 2.51/50) 2.51 EUR 0.50 EUR 0.25 EUR Ebay
Nuts (EUR 3.45/100) 3.45 EUR 0.69 EUR 0.35 EUR Ebay
Shipping (EUR 1.50) 1.50 EUR 0.30 EUR 0.15 EUR Ebay
Total unit cost 43.06 EUR 14.01 EUR 10.38 EUR
53.16 USD 17.30 USD 12.82 USD

In other words, it cost about 43 Euros (approx. 53 USD) to build the first Mini-BDM-Pod. The second one and all later ones only cost 6.75 Euros (approx. 8.30 USD). If you intend to build larger quantities of Mini-BDM-Pods, you’ll also have to consider the regular price of the MCU (MC9S12XEQ512) and the level shifter (MAX3373).

31 Jul 2012 - RevB Boards Assembled

<p>The first set of RevB pods has been assembled and tested. D-Bug12X runs just fine on them. No further problems have been found.</p>

06 Jun 2012 - Project Listed on

<p>The <strong>Mini-<span class="caps">BDM</span>-Pod</strong> project is now listed on <a href="//"></a>.</p>

05 Jun 2012 - RevB Boards Have Arrived

The RevB PCBs came in the mail.

29 May 2012 - First Pod Assembled

The first Mini-BDM-Pod (RevA) has been assembled. It is basically working, but it has a severe layout bug: The connections of the MAX3373 level shifter are mixed up:

The RevA PCB is still usable if the level shifter is bypassed, but then it will only suppoert 5V targets.

On my prototye, I soldered in the MAX3373 on pins 1, 2, and 3. I tried to fix the remaining connections with copper wire, but I had to give up when the solder pads came off the PCB. I ended up using the free space for an additional jumper to power the target with the USB’s supply voltage:

Since I broke off the MAX7737s solder pads, I had to connect the target’s BKGD and RESET pins with copper wire.

The new boards (RevB) have already been ordered. I hope I’ll have better luck with those.