The first Mini-BDM-Pod (RevA) has been assembled. It is basically working, but it has a severe layout bug: The connections of the MAX3373 level shifter are mixed up:

The RevA PCB is still usable if the level shifter is bypassed, but then it will only suppoert 5V targets.

On my prototye, I soldered in the MAX3373 on pins 1, 2, and 3. I tried to fix the remaining connections with copper wire, but I had to give up when the solder pads came off the PCB. I ended up using the free space for an additional jumper to power the target with the USB’s supply voltage:

Since I broke off the MAX7737s solder pads, I had to connect the target’s BKGD and RESET pins with copper wire.

The new boards (RevB) have already been ordered. I hope I’ll have better luck with those.