This is where you’ll find the bootloader for the D-Bug12XZ firmware:

The D-Bug12XZ Firmware needs a bootloader(BDMPgmr bootloader) to run. This piece of firmware is included in Frescale’s LFBDMPGMRFW software package. This software is provided as a windows installer, which must be run. Afterwards the bootloader is located in a directory named “Firmware” within the installation directory (i.e C:\Program Files\Freescale\BDMProgrammer\Firmware\S12XEBoot.S19).

The Bootloader is the only firmware code, which must be programmed into the Mini-BDM-Pod via the “BDM IN” interface. The initial loading and updationg of the D-Bug12XZ Firmware itself can be done with the help of the bootloader via the USB interface.

To invoke the bootloader menu, the “bootloader”-jumper must be closed when the Mini-BDM-Pod is powered up.